About me

My name is César Redondo.

I am an Audio-visual Telecommunication Engineer, Telecommunications and Computer Systems Engineer (BTEC) and Sound Recording, Editing and Mastering Engineer.

I was born in Aranda de Duero (Burgos) in 1985. Currently, I am living in Basingstoke(UK).

I love music and sound engineering. I’m an amateur musician and I have always wanted to devote my work to it. That’s why I focused my studies on the sound. Its physiognomy, description and acoustic control is what I like the most. I am trained to deal with in recording studios, live sound performances, acoustic surveys and design. I can also do another different works linked to those mentioned above where I could use my knowledge in this amazing field (measurements, audio researchs in situ, electronical repairs…).

I welcome you to visit my website and I invite you to watch my CV.

Thank you.